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The Story so Far

Cromer Cosmetics

from Founder

Charlotte Cromer

I trained as a makeup artist in 1997 and have over 20 years of experience in all aspects of the industry working with Celebrities, Brides and training the next generation of industry artists.

The original idea for Cromer Cosmetics was born in 2008 with plans to make my own cosmetics products with unisex packaging and packs for looks that would be accessible for all of my clients.

During the Covid-19 pandemic and while unable to work in close proximity to my clients, I revisited the Cromer Cosmetics brand plans. With a vision for the industry and my passion for this planet; Cromer Candles was born. Reinvesting the profit made from Cromer Candles and using the experience gained to create the soon to be released Cromer Cosmetics Colour Collection.

Reasons to purchase:


-Recycle or reuse white glass

-Mix of synthetic and natural oils to maximise scent throw

-Recyclable packaging

-Beautiful and Elegant to decorate any home

-Make wonderful gifts and treats for you and your loved ones

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